Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hair Extensions look Natural?

CM Hair Extensions look completely natural and are undetectable.

How are Hair Extensions applied?

We use the latest Micro Ring technique. There is no glue, no heat or chemicals needed for Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

How long does my own Hair have to be to have Hair Extensions?

Your hair should be at least 6-7 inches in length for the Extensions to blend in.

Do you use real Human Hair?

Yes. We use 100% Human Hair

What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is the highest grade of real Human Hair. Remy is considered to be the finest quality of Human Hair as the hair is kept intact and the cuticles flow in one direction, as they would naturally.

How long do the Hair Extensions take to apply?

It takes approximately 2-3 hours to apply a full head of Hair Extensions.

How do I care for my Hair Extension?

We will provide you with aftercare instructions.

What Products can be used on Hair Extensions?

Use shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. Use a heat protective spray and serum.

Can I Straighten or Curl Hair Extensions?

Yes. You can straighten, blow-dry, curl and style Human Hair Extensions, just as you would with your own hair.

Can I leave my Hair Extensions to dry naturally?

You must ensure that the roots of your hair are dry. The end can be left to dry naturally.

Can I Colour Hair Extensions?

We would advise you to test the colour on a few strands first to make sure the resulting shade is what you anticipate. We also recommend using a semi-permanent colour as this is much gentler on the Hair Extensions.

Can I swim with Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can swim. Wear a cap when swimming or keep your Hair Extensions out of the water as the chlorine can cause your Extensions to tangle and matt.

Is there any Maintenance required

Yes. The rate at which your natural hair grows will determine when your Hair Extensions will need to be repositioned.

Can Hair Extensions be re-used?

Yes. CM Hair Extensions can be re-used.

How long do the Hair Extensions last?

Hair Extensions will last approximately 3 months before they need to be repositioned.

How much do Hair Extensions cost?

Please visit our prices page for an up to date price list.

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Rates and Services

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